Chrome vs. Safari

Online browsers have become very similar in the recent years, with very few things separating them. The big differences that still remain are in the area of updating, tracking, plug-ins and themes. Here we will compare two quality browsers, each coming with their own set of pros and cons. Google Chrome and Apple`s Safari are one of the most popular browsers you can use today. Both come with smooth interfaces, good pop-up blockers and option for private browsing. In both Chrome and Safari you will find wide range of safety configurations and customizable settings for privacy.

Which Browser Is Better

            This largely depends on what you seek for from a browser. Mac users love Safari because it is connected with Apple store and follows Apple technologies, but if you work in a company where most people use Google Apps for creating and editing documents, Gmail for email communication and where documents are stored on Google Drive then Google Chrome is better.

            Safari is being regularly updated by Apple and all of its patches and updates are well-researched before releasing. That guarantees reliable and strong performance. Bookmark syncing enable you to continue reading what you read on Mac where you have stopped on iOs mobile device. Safari configurations are very easily adjusted as well. The password management is better in Safari because of the Apple Keychain technology. On the other side, Chrome stores passwords within the browser, which is not the best option.

            Safari has an advantage over Chrome in energy efficiency. This is because with Safari you can choose not to use the plug-ins automatically. That saves power and extends the battery life of your computer. In this regard, Chrome uses more resources of the computer because plug-ins start automatically and that requires more energy.

            Regarding speed, both Chrome and Safari are speedy browsers that perform very fast. Some Mac users claim that Safari is a browser that opens quicker than Chrome, but Chrome`s opening times are really quick and frequent Chrome users claim that this browser is faster. At the end it all depends from the machine where browsers are installed. This is something that many people neglect to take into consideration, but different computer configurations have different loading time of browsers.

            Safari is a good option for companies that use Apple TVs in office environments. This is because Safari has an AirPlay playback of videos, which has proven to be very reliable in office environments. However, Google Chrome is also good in this matter with its tools and handy extensions for any environment.

            There are plenty of other things in which Chrome and Safari can be compared, but important thing is that both of these browsers are excellent for casual internet users. Which one works best depends from the technology you are using. Chrome is top option for Windows and Android users, while Safari is perfect for Mac and iPhone users. At the end, both Safari and Chrome will deliver what is needed so consider your individual needs and use the browser you prefer more.