Is WordPress Safe From Hackers?

WordPress has become one of the best ways for making a website. However, with increased popularity there is an increased risk, so many hackers are trying to attack these popular sites. Truth is that each year hundreds of WordPress websites get attacked and hacked by hackers. Every WordPress site is consisted of three important parts – core software, plug-ins and themes. However, the good news is that hackers are not damaging this sites because of the vulnerabilities in their software, plug-ins or themes, but because the sites are not updated regularly or because of weak passwords. So the short answer to the question whether WordPress is safe from hackers is yes, but you still need to do some work and educate yourself about how to protect the website.

Ways of Increasing Safety of WordPress site

            In order for the WordPress site to be secure, its core application must be updated regularly. Usually WordPress does this automatically, so you do not have to do anything in particular. Besides through regular updates of the core software, the plug-ins and themes must be kept up to date as well. However, they are not updated automatically, so you have to pay attention to that and do it yourself frequently. Third way for increasing safety of your WordPress site is through using a firewall. Sometimes vulnerabilities can happen in the website plug-in or theme, and usually WordPress sites are open to problems in the time between the discovery of the vulnerability and its fix. For successful protection during this time, you should have firewall that will be regularly maintained and updated.

            Remember that the more plug-ins, themes and web applications that are actively run on the WordPress site, the bigger the area where the hackers can attack the site. Therefore, a good thing to do to reduce chances for attacks is to remove those apps that you do not use frequently or that are not that necessary. That way your website will require less maintenance and your will not be a big target to hackers. Also remove those accounts which are not used, especially those accounts with administrator privileges. 

Helpful Tips For Having Safe WordPress site

            Make sure you are practicing proper security hygiene if you want your website to be safe. What this means is to always use strong passwords that cannot be easily hacked. The longer the password and the greater the combinations of characters – the better protection will be. Enabling two-factor identification is another good option for keeping the site safe, and also do not forget to do regular backups of your WordPress website.

Remember the Security Basics

  • Keep the software core of your WordPress site up to date.
  • Keep apps, plug-ins and themes regularly updated.
  • Use strong firewall and maintain it regularly.
  • Remove web apps, themes, plug-ins and user accounts that you are not using often.
  • Maintain good security by using long and strong passwords, enable two-factor identification, and make sure your perform regular and reliable backups of your WordPress site.