What are Pop-Up Blockers?

As the name suggests, pop-up blocker is a type of software that blocks pop-up windows from opening up on the website. Some blockers immediately kill the pop-up window, while others work by disabling the commands that trigger pop-ups to appear on the website. Most software will allow you to turn the pop-up blocker on or turn it off. Pop-ups can be really annoying and they are mostly used by advertisers of different products and services that are unrelated to the content you are viewing on the website you visit.

            What makes them irritating is that they usually distract the website visitor and make their experience less enjoyable when they visit particular website. However, thanks to pop-up blockers now you can completely eliminate these pop-up ads without any problems. Most online browsers have effective software for that, so if you do not want to see them it is advisable you use some of the software for eliminating them.

How Are Pop-Ups Made

            Pop-ups are usually made by using JavaScript. Websites commonly use pop-ups for advertising specific features or products. They are created in such a way to be as eye-catching and as visually attractive as possible. Pop-ups are made in smaller windows than the standard website window, but they come in very bright colors, they move around, and are often accompanied by some catchy animation. Certain browsers may open these pop-ups in secondary tab instead of a window. In order to block these pop-ups you need to check the pop-up blocking feature that most browsers have. Pop-up blockers can also come from third parties and be with some improved features regarding filtering and other options. However, you can use the built-in blocker that is found in the online browser and still successfully eliminate them.

Why Pop-Ups Appear  

            Although most pop-ups are irritating for the casual online user, some of them can be very helpful. Some pop-ups serve as guide about what you need to do when you are on certain web page. However, most pop-up blockers are blocking these pop-ups as well. Good thing is that there are some web browsers that can distinguish between good pop-ups on the websites and pop-up advertisements. Also most browsers and blockers inform their users when certain pop-up has been blocked, so you can still unblock it and see it, if you want. 

            Website designers constantly search for creative ways to bypass pop-up blockers and show their ad to the website visitors. Dating websites are notorious for create popup blockers and example of those cane be found on sites like MeetnFuck and SelfieSwiper. However, pop-up blocking software is constantly perfected as well and today they are very efficient when it comes to blocking unwanted ads. The distracting nature of pop-ups is what makes them irritating and luckily there are less and less of these ads online. If you want to avoid them and not see pop-up windows, then it is advisable you use quality pop-up blockers. Whether you use built-in browser blockers or a third-party software it is up to you, but the main point is that all of them are pretty efficient in preventing pop-ups from appearing.