What is the Safest Browser?

We all need and use web browsers for our daily internet surfing. They are probably the most important software in everyone`s computer. There are many popular browsers on the market as well as some less popular, but also helpful. Which browser you use largely depends on your personal needs. Using the right online browser can make a big difference when it comes to user experience, and most important things to consider when choosing a browser is whether you want better security, quickness or flexibility. The following is the list of safest and most popular browsers to use.

List of Safest Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox is at the top of the list of safest browsers you can use. It comes with plenty of features and options that make the browsing experience pleasurable, quick and very easy. There is wide range of customizable options to use, quality add-ons, parental controls, anti-virus, RSS feeds, there is tabbed browsing, incognito option, bookmakers and many other things. With Mozilla Firefox you have plenty of interactive guides and hundreds of protective add-ons that make browsing very safe.
  • Google Chrome is right behind Mozilla Firefox when it comes to safety. It is stylish browser that enables fast experience and simple controls. Chrome has been on the market for over ten years now and it has proved to be extremely safe. There are many extensions created for safe browsing, so you are unlikely to experience any problems when you go online. With just one click you can also open new windows, tabs, add new options, and easily access good features. Pop-up blockers and anti-virus are also standard options of this browser so you can rest assured that your browsing is safe.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is speedy and functional browser that is used by millions of people worldwide. The latest version of the browser comes with improved security options that enable safe browsing. A lot of good features like increased privacy protection, smart address bar, cross-site scripting filters and pop-up blockers are some of the several good options that come with this browser.
  • Safari offers pleasant browsing experience, despite being one of the less popular browsers out there. This browser is created by Apple, which is known as company that puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety. Safari is fast browser with which you can easily browse online as it provides fantastic protection from phishing websites, malware and other online threats. Other good features include private browsing, smooth design and web page previews.
  • Opera finishes the list of safest browsers to use. It is one of the most reliable browsers you can find and it comes with some handy options that cannot be found in other browsers. There are plenty of built-in tools designed for user satisfaction and safety such as password manager, pop-up blocker and own integrated search engine.

Bottom line is that Mozilla Firefox is probably the safest online browser at the moment, closely followed by Google Chrome.